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Al-Khulaki Company for Trading & Contracting Ltd .
One of Al-Khulaki Group's Company for Trading and Contracting Co. Ltd. which is working in general contracting and tenders, projects and extensions of electric transmission lines. It works in the local and international projects tenders direct, indirectly in the field of electricity, energy, telecommunications and information technology, and works with government and private sectors. It executed many of projects and working in many types of energy such as Transformers, Wooden poles, Insulators, Protection, Network accessories, Cables H/L Voltage and Street lighting. We are representing many International Companies.

Al-khulaki Company for Trading and Contracting Ltd, which is one of the group companies, which based its work on the implementation of projects, electricity stations, communications implementation, supply tenders and which was started in the mid-nineties of the last century.. The focus of activity in:
 - Electrical Contracting.
 - Public tenders.
 - Supply stations and transmission lines and generators.
 - Tenders for Public Communication.
 - Implementation of Electricity projects.

 authorities which deal with:
- Public Electricity Corporation and its branches.
 - General Authority for countryside Electricity.
 - The Public Corporation for Information Technology and Communications.
 The company has proven its presence in the area of good bids and earned the trust of clients and customers received so many Certificates.
Al-khulaki for trading and contracting Ltd.
Tel:00967 1 606 154
Fax: 00967 1 606 154
E-mail: contracting@al-khulakigroup.com
E-mail: contracting@KTC-group.com
E-mail: al-khulaki@yemen.net.ye
Yemen Republic
Sanaa Taiz Street
B.o.Box : (19800)
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