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Overview of Al-Khulaki Group:
Al-Khulaki Group for Trading and Contracting Co. Ltd.
Founded in 1980, based on the extensive experience gained by the founding years of work experience in business and investment in countries neighboring the Republic of Yemen, and building on the conviction that the full transfer of capital to the homeland in order to participate in the Renaissance Center, which was and still thriving and take advantage of an open investment climate.
The beginning was in the field of electricity through the import of electrical materials and marketing wholesale and retail ...And through the vision and the clear message and the continuing work and good marketing, and ensuring the quality of goods which make the group enjoys the confidence of consumers over the governorates of the Republic ... After that they are attracted and brought many international agencies ... And enter into the field of electronic devices ... Which earned us good reputation and high level of confidence not only locally but on the level of many major international companies ... This has encouraged us to expand , enter into a large field of contracting, tendering and represent many international companies in various sectors of electricity from high-voltage, low voltage systems such as Lines Networks, Stations and Other ... To increase confidence and increase the needs of the Yemeni market knowledge ... And be expanded to include Household Appliances, Sanitary tools and the company is considering expansion in other activities.
The expansion and diversity of the group has adopted a vision, a moral goal which participate in the national economy and create an atmosphere of honest competition, which is in the interest of the citizen and homeland, and belief of the group in these objectives formulated a motto:
                - Partners in development..
 The group has after more than a quarter of a century of work and diligence to achieve the forefront of many of the activities and fields, and achieve high growth rates, are also  Al-Khulaki gains the trust of many leading businesses companies, and to earn a large segment of commercial customers or end consumers in the various governorates of the Republic of Yemen.
The group aims in the coming period to:
 -Covering by the local market's needs of the agencies current products.
 -Building a good reputation on the Group's products to customers and consumers .
 -Opening new markets for the current products of the group and spread of the geographical  for the group.
-Introducing new products to existing markets and takes advantage of the standing and experience and the possibilities of the group
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